BoA 10th album “Better” out in December!

Veteran South Korean singer and producer BoA is releasing her 10th original (South Korean) studio album in December! Titled BETTER, the album commemorates 20 years of BoA’s career as a best-selling South Korean solo artist, who has also topped the Oricon charts with six consecutive number 1 albums in Japan. While BETTER is being released on December 1st in South Korea, it may not be available to listeners in Japan and other areas until later in the month. The album will contain 11 tracks total.

BoA’s record label SM Entertainment has released an almost half-hour video commemorating the artist’s 20th anniversary on their YouTube channel, which can be previewed below.

BETTER will be released in 2 editions: a limited edition with a 152-page photobook and special cover art (randomly selected from two kinds), and a regular edition with an 80-page book. Both editions will include a poster, photocard, and postcard, while the limited edition will include more photocards and postcards. A third edition will be released on cassette tape.

“202020 BoA” retrospective mini-documentary

> Where to buy:

Limited edition (CD + 152 page photobook): Price: 4000 yen (w/out tax).
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Regular edition (CD + 80 page book): Price: 1935 yen (w/out tax).
Vol.10 [Better] / BoA
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Limited edition (cassette tape): Price: 2260 yen (w/out tax).
Order at CD Japan

*Note: the sales tax rate in Japan is 10%. Goods at CD Japan are listed without including the tax, and goods at Amazon Japan are listed including the tax. If you live outside of Japan, and buy from either site, or another Japanese store, you will not be charged the 10% tax.

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Friday, November 27th, 2020 Release news

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