Sasaki Yuko – Genki desu ka [CD single data + review]

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title: 元気ですか | Genki desu ka :: How are you?
format: CD single (8cm format)
label: Pioneer
disc#: PIDL-1251
price: 971 yen
release date: 1998-03-11
track time: 0:16:39
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# Track title | Comments Lyrics
1 元気ですか | Genki desu ka  
2 ワルイコ | Warui ko  
3 元気ですか INSTRUMENTAL | Genki desu ka  
4 ワルイコ INSTRUMENTAL | Warui ko  


Sasaki Yuko’s third single is as bubbly as ever.

Singer Sasaki Yuko continues her bubblegum pop streak with the sunny, slow-tempo “Genki desu ka” and its coupling song “Warui ko”, which is slightly more subdued, but still very cutesy. Both songs are moderately catchy, the title track slightly more so, and neither are terrible. Neither are particularly compelling either. Fans may want this single for completeness sake, as “Warui ko” is not included on any of her albums, and the karaoke tracks to both songs have backing vocals included. Otherwise, running by briskly at 16 minutes, this single is an average pickup.

MC G-rating: 6.5/10
MC L-rating: 7/10
Fan factor: 8.5/10

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Friday, November 17th, 2017 1990s from Japan, Singles

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