Hysteric Blue – Naze… [Japanese lyrics with English translation]

artist: Hysteric Blue
title: Naze… | Why…
discs: Naze… (single)
            Wallaby (album)
            Historic Blue (compilation album)

lyrics: Takuya
music: Naoki
arrangement: Sakuma Masahide


naze mitsumeru hodo
ikichigau no     futari no koi [1]

hakari ni kaketeta     totemo furui
wasureteta omoide to kore kara to
sodachi hajimeteta     karui kimochi
itsumademo hitori demo sabishikute

kikitai demo kikenai
migi no te ni futatsu no yubiwa
amaete mite ii ka na
ki no kiita guuzen [2]

naze mitsumeru hodo
ikichigau no futari no koi     naosara [1]
mada koerarenai
mikansei na futari no kyori [3]

iya ni hashaideta doyou no yoru
arifureta danshou no sono naka de
majime na kao shite futo tsubuyaku
hitokoto ga doushitemo ki ni natte

kakeru furi shita denwa [4]
jikan dake miteru no shitteru
hanashitai hanasanai
nee konya kaeranai
gutto dakishimete

naze akireru hodo
ki ni shichau no mukashi no koi     sayonara
tada koetakunai
fuantei na fukai omoi

naze mitsumeru hodo
iki chigau no futari no koi [1]


Why is our love so mismatched
That we can only gaze past each other? [1]

Having compared those distant,
forgotten memories
with the lighthearted attitude I’ve been developing
I am still always by myself, lonely

I want to ask but I cannot
About those two rings on your right hand
I wonder if I would find out
By being a little more suave [2]

Why is our love so misaligned
That we can only gaze past each other, [1]     and even so
We can’t bridge the gap
Of this incomplete separation [3]

On that Saturday night, too lively to my ears,
In the midst of lighthearted small talk,
That one word you murmured with a serious face
Was so unsettling to me after all

Reaching for the phone, as if to call you [4]
I know I’m only watching time pass
I want to talk to you, not let go
Though I know you won’t come back tonight
Please, hug me tightly

Why is it so vexing, [5]
this love that’s past?     Though I’ve said good bye
I just don’t want to get over it
This deep, unstable feeling

Why is our love so crossed
That we can only gaze past each other? [1]


ナゼ 見つめるほど
行き違うの 2人の恋

はかりにかけてた とても古い
育ちはじめてた 軽い気持ち


ナゼ 見つめるほど
行き違うの2人の恋 なおさら
マダ 越えられない



ナゼ あきれるほど
気にしちゃうの昔の恋 さよなら
タダ 越えたくない

ナゼ 見つめるほど

[1] Mitsumeru hodo ikichigau no futari no koi. Ikichigau = to cross, [for two people] to go past [each other], to misunderstand. “To the point of staring/gazing, our mismatched/crossed love”
[2] Amaete mite ii ka na “I wonder if it’s okay to try being indulgent/reliant upon (in a self-indulgent way)”.
Ki no kiita guzen “A tasteful/clever/well-timed coincidence/surprise”.
I interpret this verse to be about the speaker wondering if she will obtain the answer to her question (why does he wear two [engagement] rings on his right hand?) by playing a little coy, with a bit of cleverness and good timing that seems casual.
[3] Mikansei na futari no kyori “The incomplete distance between the two of us” or “The distance between two incomplete people” (I chose the former interpretation).
Mada koerarenai: “we can’t cross it yet.”
My read: two people can’t cross the distance that is between them; a distance that is growing, but is not yet a finalized separation.
[4] Kakeru furi shita denwa: “Reaching for the phone as if going to make a call”
[5] akireru hodo: “To the point of being disgusted”


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