BEGIN – Shimanchu nu Takara [CD single data + review]

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title: 島人ぬ宝 | The Treasure of the Islanders
format: CD single (maxi format)
label: Imperial Records / Teichiku Entertainment
disc#: TECN-12788
price: 1200 yen
release date: 2002-05-22
track time: 0:20:01
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# Track title | Comments Lyrics
1 島人ぬ宝 | Shimanchu nu takara   translation / .rtf
2 波 | Nami   translation
3 それでも暮らしは続くから 全てを 今 忘れてしまう為には 全てを 今 知っている事が条件で 僕にはとても無理だから 一つずつ忘れて行く為に 愛する人達と手を取り 分け合って せめて思い出さないように 暮らしを続けて行くのです |

Soredemo kurashi wa tsuzuku kara     subete wo     ima     wasurete shimau tame ni wa     subete wo     ima     shitteiru koto ga jouken de     boku ni wa totemo muri dakara     hitotsu-zutsu wasurete yuku tame ni     aisuru hito-tachi to te wo tori     wakeatte     semete omoidasanai you ni     kurashi wo tsuzukete yuku no desu
4 島人ぬ宝 (オリジナル・カラオケ) | Shimanchu nu takara (Original Karaoke)   (instrumental)


Twenty minutes of music for 1200 yen is reasonable, especially if you really like the title track, “Shimanchu nu takara,” one of BEGIN’s most famous songs. The song is a medium-slow, meditative yet catchy reflection about life on an island. This single was worth it to me, as I have a special connection with that song. The other vocal track, “Nami” is a slower tempo lullaby that does not stand out on its own, but complements the title song. The third track is light-hearted village fare with some vocal parts but no particular melody line. And the fourth track is the karaoke track for “Shimanchu nu takara,” an excellent piece for karaoke buffs to practice to. This disc is definitely for BEGIN or “Shimanchu nu takara” fans.

MC ii rating: 7.5/10
MC suki rating: 8/10
Fan factor: 9/10

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