Sakamoto Maaya – Kazeyomi [CD album data + review]

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title: かぜよみ | Kazeyomi :: Wind Reader
format: CD album (limited edition includes DVD)
label: Victor
disc#: VTZL-8 (CD+DVD) | VTCL-60085 (CD)
price: 3400 yen (CD+DVD) | 2900 yen (CD)
release date: 2009-01-14
track time: 0:58:13
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# Track title | Comments Lyrics
1 Vento   n/a
2 トライアングラー | Triangler  
3 風待ちジェット~kazeyomi edition | Kazemachi Jet ~kazeyomi edition  
4 Remedy   translation / .rtf
5 雨が降る | Ame ga furu  
6 Get No Satisfaction!  
7 蒼のエーテル | Ao no Ether  
8 失恋カフェ | Shitsuren Cafe  
9 SONIC BOOM   translation / .rtf
10 ピーナッツ | Peanuts  
11 さいごの果実 | Saigo no kajitsu  
12 Colors  
13 カザミドリ | KAZAMIDORI  
14 ギター弾きになりたいな | Guitar-hiki ni naritai na  
# DVD (limited edition)
1 さいごの果実 | Saigo no kajitsu (music video)
2 トライアングラー | Triangler (music video)
3 雨が降る | Ame ga furu (music video)


Kazeyomi is Maaya SAKAMOTO’s 6th original album, and the second without Yoko Kanno as the producer and main composer. It is the first post-Yoko Kanno album in which Maaya’s sound is really getting expressed through other composers. Her previous efforts Yuunagi LOOP and 30minutes night flight sounded more like directors putting together interesting sound clips, but had not quite settled on the right sound. In this album, the experimentation is finally coming together for Maaya. Her lyric writing has also gotten stronger. She wrote almost all of the lyrics for this album, and the thoughtfulness of her words adds a new depth and personality to her songs. The four singles, “Triangler,” “Kazemachi Jet,” “Ame ga Furu,” and “Saigo no Kajitsu” are decently catchy tunes that all featured tie-ups to anime shows. However, the truly stand out tracks to me are “Vento,” “SONIC BOOM,” and “Colors.” They are dreamy songs, fitting perfectly with Maaya’s naturally gentle voice.

There’s something good to be said about the variety on this album. “Trianglar” is rousing and upbeat, while “Ame ga Furu” and “Saigo no Kajitsu” are dramatic. Quiet songs like “Ao no ETHER” and “Guitar-hiki ni naritai na” are beautiful, while “Shitsuren Cafe,” is relaxed. “Peanuts” is a fantastically unique, playful song. While I still think some of her previous albums made better use of her great voice, Maaya’s new release promises that her career is still on the rise.

Favorite tracks: 1, 4, 8, 9, 12

MC-G rating: 7.5/10
MC-L rating: 9/10
Fan factor: 9.5/10

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